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GSMA 100 is part of the GSMA’s innovation portfolio, with an aim to stimulate new value by bringing the best and brightest founders together with mobile operators. The 100 represent the world’s most promising growth stage companies and their founders.

Cinarra is honored to be recognized by the GSMA as an innovation leader in the mobile technology industry. The GSMA is the preeminent organization fostering innovation within the mobile communications industry and they represent the interests of our customers, Mobile Network Operators.

- Sundi Sundaresh, President & CEO

Cinarra has been selected by the GSMA as one of their GSMA 100 companies for 2019.

In September 2018, GSMA launched the “GSMA 100”, a global innovation discovery initiative designed to identify and advance the next generation of connectivity and digital services. Comprised of the world’s most promising growth-stage companies and selected by mobile operators and investment partners, the GSMA 100 represents operator innovation priorities in key areas such as 5G and networking; artificial intelligence and machine learning; consumer experience; data and analytics; the Internet of Things; media and entertainment; and security, among others. 

“The GSMA 100 initiative is driven by our operator members, based on their common innovation priorities, and is designed to identify those companies with the most compelling use cases and innovative business models,” said Laxmi Akkaraju, Chief Strategy Officer, GSMA. “This program will be critical in accelerating business development, commercial partnerships and investment with mobile operator and key partners and, ultimately, in the deployment of next-generation networks and digital services that will benefit billions of subscribers around the world.”

The initiative leverages GSMA’s reach into the mobile operator, investment and innovation ecosystems, offering channels to business development, commercial partnerships and investment. It was developed from operators’ desire to shorten the time to innovation discovery, by sharing common interests and market validation.