Hakuhodo DY Group and Cinarra Collaborate! The third round of the “Moving Consumer Survey” to reveal visitor characteristics by area and time zone in Tokyo based on real consumer behavior RELEASE

The Digital Location Media Business Center, a cross-group organization of Hakuhodo DY Holdings, has conducted its third survey on moving consumers, following last year’s survey. This year, in collaboration with Cinarra Systems Japan, we used Location Based Research*, which allows us to conduct questionnaires on users who have given their explicit individual consent to location-based research. We extracted people who had visited each of the 30 areas of Tokyo at a certain frequency or more and defined them as “visitors*.” We then interviewed them about their actual state of mobility, their purchases and use of products and service categories, and their awareness. The results of the survey were used to analyze the characteristics of visitors by area and time zone* based on the real behavior of consumers.

The results of the survey revealed differences in the age and other attributes of visitors, as well as their time spent out and about, in each area of Tokyo. Looking at the characteristics of visitors in each area, we also found differences in the products they usually buy and the services they use, as well as changes in visitor characteristics depending on the time of day even in the same area.

Please click the link below for the release and report.