Marketing & Analytics Platform

Addressing the changing needs of an increasingly mobile society, Cinarra Systems’ technology enables carriers to interact seamlessly with brands and their advertisers, bringing two mutually-dependent but highly disparate industries together in ways neither once thought possible. Among Cinarra’s many unique attributes:

Mobile DSP & DMP

Provides an integrated DSP & DMP solution for Carriers that enables a mobile display ad business in their geography. Our system processes streaming location data of wireless subscribers in a privacy preserving manner for audience creation, segmentation, and targeting.

Online to Offline Attribution

Analyses effectiveness of online messaging for Brands and publishers by measuring consumers’ “Real Life” venue visits. We provide venue walk-in rates, audience reports, frequency and lead time analysis.

Foot Traffic Analytics

Cinarra provides a venue Foot Traffic Analytics solution that uses carrier data to empower venue owners and brands to measure “Real Life” venue visits and audience behaviors.

Ad Fraud Verification and Prevention

Using deterministic carrier data, we provide an Ad Fraud Solution that helps Brands detect and prevent location, demographic, and display ad fraud.

Data On-Boarding

Our Data On-Boarding solution matches anonymized deterministic carrier data with hashed advertiser CRM data. Mobile data on-boarding helps brands and advertisers engage users on mobile more effectively.

Location-Based Marketing by the Numbers

Cinarra Audience Platform provides an integrated Demand Side Platform (DSP) & Data Management Platform (DMP) solutions for carriers to enable mobile display ad business in their geography. Cinarra attributes the advancement of this technology to the development of myriad “New Revenue Stream” in digital media without prompting privacy concerns of consumers.

Cinarra’s Attribution Platform for brands and advertisers analyses the effectiveness of their online messaging by measuring consumers’ “Real Life” venue visits. To streamline the process for clients, Cinarra provides venue walk-in rates, audience reports, purchase frequencies and lead time analysis.

Cinarra’s Analytics Platform provides audience segmentation, behavior and personas based on venue visits; data on-boarding utilizing CRM data; and location & venue analytics. Cinarra is currently live with SoftBank Corp. in Japan, processing billions of 4G/LTE and Wi-Fi location updates daily for over 30 million people spanning hundreds of thousands of venues/locations.