Mobile Network Operators

Our data monetization platform is built for the current and next generation of 5G mobile networks. We’ve been live in-market and have had proven success with SoftBank since 2015. Working with MNO data only, we do things differently than companies that work with dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of independent in-phone apps for location updates. 

Our privacy-first platform requires customized partner integrations based on the specific needs of each MNO partner, which generally have much stricter data policies than apps and tech providers that are part part of the data mishandling problem. We ensure data safety by closing the loopholes, both in policy and by technical means, that can lead to data exposure, leakage, and the ability to reverse engineer user data to uncover personally identifiable information (PII).

Privacy-First Platform

Privacy-First Platform

We have always been a U.S. based company, but our first live in-market success was in Japan with SoftBank mobile. Japan’s data regulations are on-part with the EU, and SoftBank’s regulations are even stricter. Our platform is truly privacy-first.


Not all methods for removing PII data is equally effective. We didn’t wait to see negative articles or have new regulation to do something about protecting user data through the most effective means possible. Here’s a Medium post from our founder from 2017.

Real Revenue

We are a privacy-first platform, but the reason MNOs choose is because we provide a new revenue stream that makes an impact on the overall corporate MNO bottom line.

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