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Example of a restaurant that is not defeated by Corona: Achieves effective customer attraction when opening a new store

In this issue, we asked Yusuke Hayashi, Assistant Manager of Food Business Support Group, Food Service Department, Food Service Sales Division, Sapporo Breweries Ltd. about measures to support restaurants using location-based data.

What is the Food Business Support Group?

The mission of the Food Business Support Group is to provide business support to Sapporo Breweries’ customers. Our activities are extremely wide-ranging, and cover all the support that our clients need, including support for developing multiple restaurants and improving sales at existing restaurants, human resource training, sales promotion, supplier development, and even support for business format development. It may be similar to a consulting company for stores. Recently, due in part to the impact of the new coronavirus, we have seen an increase in support for delivery and takeout needs.


In 2020, there was a problem with how to convey store opening information to customers because of the corona disaster. Before the corona, we could use gourmet sites and postings to improve the effect, but trends change. It was necessary for us to understand the “transformation of lifestyle in the corona” and “trend of increasing viewing time of smartphones due to lockdown and stay home”. I used Cinarra because I think there is no way I can not use the promotion method using smartphones.

Reasons for choosing Cinarra

The ability to reach out to people who are near the store, to encourage them to come back to the store, and to see if the people we reached actually came back to the store are the reasons why we chose Cinarra.
Even though restaurants have a better understanding of digital advertising than ever before, coupled with the fact that we live in a time like this, we need to promote our business more efficiently. In that sense, I was glad to see the above three features.

Summary of measures and results

Several restaurants have implemented the sales promotion and it has been generally well received.
We used Real People to deliver advertisements to announce the opening of new restaurants. We used both historical delivery, which uses past location information to deliver ads to people who live in the vicinity of the store, and real-time delivery, which uses current location information to deliver ads to people who are visiting the vicinity of the store at that moment.
As a result, it was very effective in attracting customers to the store.

Future outlook

For restaurants as well, new cash points such as take-out and delivery are increasing in addition to the conventional eat-in. Therefore, we believe that it will be more necessary than ever to “create sophisticated stores that customers choose.” We will support the store, and we would like to work together with Cinarra on how to promote the sophisticated store.