Cinarra Full Access to Life

Utilizing communication carrier data Marketing platform. 

Service lineup

Advertisement delivery


Store visit measurement / analysis

What is Real People?

Self-serve advertisement distribution platform with 3 functions

Targeted advertising

Store visit measurement

Audience analysis

What is Real Sight・Vital Sight?

Which ad to look at
I know if you came to the store

Which website page to look at
I know if you came to the store

What is Venue Vitalics?

Users who come to the store regardless of contact with advertisements / websites
It is a product that analyzes from various angles


Gender and age
Emigration place
Activity area

Aggregation unit

Number of visits
Staying time
Frequency of visits
Uptake rate
Other customization

What is Location Based Research?

Survey with questionnarie using local infomation based on geographical data

Cinarra cares about privacy

Promoting privacy and sound utilisation of data via
two initiatives: Technical mechanism and Internal operation

Technical mechanism

Mechanism that does not output the data itself from the data partner.
The original data is also processed anonymously multiple times.

In-house operation

We deliver ‘Document guidelines’ and promote ‘In-house Education’.

Optimising the flow to have discussion of the council to make a adequate decision