AD delivery

Providing a precision targeting method with Career data ad distribution platform.

Unique targeting using telecommunications carrier data
High-precision store visit measurement
Useful for reviewing the campaign and the next plan
Audience analysis.

What is Real People?

Our platform provides  3x functions with Self-serve advertisement distribution 

Targeted advertising

Store visit measurement
Store visit &
Shopping behavior

Audience analysis

Features 1. Unique targeting menu like no other

Providing unique targeting utilizing location information



Area type

Residence(By city)
Weekday activity area(By city)
Railway station
Real time

Persona / hobby / preference type

Experian mosaic
Zenrin industry
Daily life routine
Travel / tourism
Sports spectator
Many others

In-house custom type

In-house visitor
In-house secessionist
Day visitor
Ritage (β)

Feature 2. High-precision store visit measurement

Visualization of advertising effectiveness on the axis of attracting customers to stores

Use 3 filtering

Accuracy is verified

Highly accurate measurement regardless of the location or form of the building, such as by floor or underground
Measurement logic can be tuned according to the measurement industry and location

Feature 3. Audience analysis

Increase the resolution of who the campaign worked forOmitimising  matching 

mechanism (algorithm) resolution of targeted campaign in yout marketing pitch.

Delivered to a specific segment

population(IMP, CLICK, visit, etc.)

Analysis from various perspectives

By demogra, hobby

Self-serve support

Anyone can easily perform geo-targeting

Easy operation

You can extract the necessary data with a simple mouse and keyboard operation

Analytics dashboard

Get a glimpse of the situation with preset visualizations

Freedom from distribution to measurement

One platform for distribution, measurement, and analysis

Cinarra cares about privacy

Promoting privacy and sound utilisation of data via 

two initiatives: Technical mechanism and Internal operation

Technical mechanism

Mechanism that does not output the data itself from the data partner.
The original data is also processed anonymously multiple times.

In-house operation

We deliver ‘Document guidelines’ and promote ‘In-house Education’.

Optimising the flow to have discussion of the council to make a adequate decision

Case study