Store visit measurement / analysis

Store visit measurement to accelerate store customer attraction
Analysis platform.

Advanced store visit measurement
Screening data on the platform at any level
It can visualise the effects of attracting customers of all digital advertisements & websites. 

What is Real Sight・Vital Sight?

Which ad to look at
I know if you came to the store

Which website page to look at
I know if you came to the store

What is Venue Vitalics?

It is a product that analyzes Users where visit shops regerdress seeing or not seeing 
web advertisements/websites, from various angles.


Gender and age
Emigration place
Activity area

Aggregation unit

Number of visits
Staying time
Frequency of visits
Uptake rate
Other customization

Features 1. High-precision measurement of store visit

To visualise the effectiveness of advertising with the axis attracting customers to stores.

Use 3 filtering

Proved ‘Accuracy’

Highly accurate measurement regardless of the location or form of the building, such as by floor or underground
Measurement logic can be tuned according to the measurement industry and location

Feature 2. Evaluation of store visits across various measures

Visualisation of which measures really work to attract customers

Feature 3. Providing deep insights that can be used for planning

Preparing various analysis perspectives to deepen understanding customer’s behaviour

Main functions


Store visit measurement
based on Ad IMP
Store visit measurement
based on Ad LP
Website visit


Demographic analysis
Migration analysis
Persona analysis
Loyalty analysis
Frequency analysis
Lead time analysis

Self-serve support

Anyone can easily perform geo-targeting

Easy operation

You can extract the necessary data with a simple mouse and keyboard operation.

Analytics dashboard

Get a glimpse of the situation with preset visualizations

Freedom from distribution to measurement

One platform for distribution, measurement, and analysis

Cinarra cares about privacy

Promoting privacy and sound utilisation of data via 

two initiatives: Technical mechanism and Internal operation

Technical mechanism

Mechanism that does not output the data itself from the data partner.
The original data is also processed anonymously multiple times.

In-house operation

We deliver ‘Document guidelines’ and promote ‘In-house Education’.

Optimising the flow to have discussion of the council to make a adequate decision

Case study