Web research utilizing location information

Select questionnaire targets based on location information

Widely used from OOH effect measurement to trade area analysis

Questionnaire items can be set freely

What is Location Based Research?

Questionnaire survey using location information

Benefits of using location information

You can conduct surveys on shoppers/users where difficult to identifed as a survey target in other researches

Residents in
the commercial area
People detected in front of
outdoor advertising
People who have traveled to
a specific tourist destination

Panels can be extracted according to customer needs.

Usage scene

Deeper understanding on market localisation of commerce, to be adapting it as a resource of store opening plans

By conducting a qualitative survey on trade area visitors, we will help you to better understand the characteristics of the trade area. For example, by hearing the usage history of competing stores and the usual shopping history, you can deepen your understanding of compatibility with your own store.

Survey by high-precision screening to verify the effect of OOH

By screening using location information, you can conduct a brand lift survey on users who visit the OOH visibility range. You can understand the effects of OOH through hearings on various questions such as purchasing intentions and cognitive behavioural awareness.

Analysis based on user’s real behavior as marketing strategy planning

By conducting a survey based on real behavior that utilizes location information, it can be used as a material for studying marketing strategy planning. For example, when considering a campaign for the outdoor light layer, you can use location information to extract campsites and mountaineering users and investigate them with various questions.

Cinarra cares about privacy

Promoting privacy and sound utilisation of data via 

two initiatives: Technical mechanism and Internal operation

Technical mechanism

Mechanism that does not output the data itself from the data partner.
The original data is also processed anonymously multiple times.

In-house operation

We deliver ‘Document guidelines’ and promote ‘In-house Education’.

Optimising the flow to have discussion of the council to make a adequate decision

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