Wi-Fi Spots to be Installed in the Underground Concourse of Shinjuku Station West Exit and Outside the South Exit Ticket Gate from the Beginning of December Demonstration Experiment to be Conducted at Odakyu Shinjuku Station – Promoting “Visualization” of the Value of Transportation Advertising

Odakyu Agency, Inc. (Head office: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo; President: Kiyoshi Takanada) will conduct a demonstration experiment to utilize Wi-Fi access point data from early December 2019 in collaboration with Cinarra Systems Japan Co.

In this experiment, SoftBank Wi-Fi Spots will be installed in the underground concourse of Odakyu Shinjuku Station’s West Exit and outside the South Exit ticket gates. Cinara Systems Japan Co. will collect and analyze the data, which has been sufficiently anonymized through statistical processing so that individuals cannot be identified, and then use the data to measure the effectiveness of the “Shinjuku Station West Exit Digital Pillar,” an advertising medium installed in Odakyu Shinjuku Station. The purpose of this survey is to estimate the number of people who can see the advertisements on the Odakyu Shinjuku Station advertising media installed at the station, namely the Shinjuku Station West Exit Digital Pillar, Shinjuku Station South Exit Digital Pillar, Shinjuku Station West Exit Center Flag, and Shinjuku Station South Exit V Flag, and to help calculate the advertising value.

Transportation advertising has no information other than the number of passengers who get on and off the train, and it lags behind other media such as web media in the creation of demographic data. By using the data from this experiment to visualize the value of advertising, it will be possible to compare it with other media, and we hope that transit advertising will once again become an option in media planning.

In the future, we plan to conduct similar experiments at stations along the Odakyu Line in addition to Shinjuku Station, and combine various solutions to develop transportation media that will be chosen by advertisers.